(Hämat) Makronormoblast m, großer Normoblast m

Fachwörterbuch Medizin Englisch-Deutsch. 2013.

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  • macronormoblast — 1. A large normoblast. 2. A large, incompletely hemoglobiniferous, nucleated red blood cell with a “cart wheel” nucleus. * * * mac·ro·nor·mo·blast nȯr mə .blast n PRONORMOBLAST mac·ro·nor·mo·blas·tic .nȯr mə blas tik …   Medical dictionary

  • macronormoblast — n. an abnormal form of any of the cells (normoblasts) that form a series of precursors of red blood cells. Macronormoblasts are unusually large but have normal nuclei (compare megaloblast); they are seen in certain anaemias in which red cell… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • macroblast — A large erythroblast. [macro + G. blastos, germ] * * * mac·ro·blast mak rə .blast n 1) MEGALOBLAST 2) an erythroblast destined to produce macrocytes * * * mac·ro·blast (makґro blast″) [macro + blast] a large erythroblast resembling a… …   Medical dictionary

  • pronormoblast — The earliest of four stages in development of the normoblast. SEE ALSO: erythroblast. SYN: proerythroblast, rubriblast. * * * pro·nor·mo·blast ( )prō nȯr mə .blast n a cell recognized in some theories of erythropoiesis that arises from a… …   Medical dictionary

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